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Savage Manners and Etiquette

The so-called savages of the South Seas held very different cultural beliefs than those from the Western world of Europe and the British Isles, and cultural misunderstandings led to, in most cases, wild accusations of savagery and overall ignorance, when these ancient cultures were no more savage than many other parts of the world.— Image source, Etiquipedia private library

So-Called “Savages” First to Use Finger Bowl

A student of manners and customs informs us that the finger bowl is not an invention of civilized peoples. On the contrary, the finger bowl is indigenous to the South Sea islands, though it does not follow that the western world has copied the east in this respect. The bowl which is passed after a meal in the house on a South Sea island is the half of a cocoanut shell, which is thrown away after being once used. — In the Sausalito News, July, 1911

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