Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Top 20 British Wine Faux Pas

Britain's worst breaches of wine etiquette were revealed in 2015...
From refrigerating red wine to pronouncing the 'T' in Pinot Noir, UK drinkers were “clueless about how to quaff vino, according to a study” - The Telegraph 

In a survey of over 2,000 UK adults by the International Wine Challenge (IWC), it was  found that, among other blunders like adding lemonade to red wine and pronouncing the 't' in Merlot and Pinot Noir, the top twenty wine-drinking faux pas were as follows:
    • Using a corkscrew on a screw-cap 
    • Putting red wine in the refrigerator 
    • Drinking from the bottle
    • Asking for ice in your wine 
    • Serving in a wine glass with old lipstick stains 
    • Chipped glasses 
    • Trying to unscrew a cork 
    • Taking a cheap bottle to a party 
    • Gulping wine rather than sipping it 
    • Not bringing a bottle but drinking everyone else's 
    • Drinking it out of a tumbler 
    • Pouring yourself a glass before pouring others on the table 
    • Asking for a slice of lemon 
    • Shaking the bottle before serving 
    • Asking the waiter to pour you more when they were intending for you to taste it 
    • Putting lemonade with red wine 
    • Complaining the red wine isn't cold 
    • Pronouncing the 't' in Pinot Noir 
    • Taking a bottle home with you after it wasn't opened at the host's party
    • Pronouncing the 't' in Merlot 

    Etiquette Enthusiast, Maura J Graber, is the Site Editor for the Etiquipedia©️ Etiquette Encyclopedia 

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