Monday, January 14, 2019

Male Polish and Etiquette

Smooth off the rough edges with “Male Polish”– the gateway to good manners.
“New Do’s/Don'ts Feature”
for 1956

How do you introduce VIP's? When do you shake hands with a woman? What's the fastest way to win a friend? Lose a friend? Make a speech? How do you propose marriage, remember names, write love letters, make a speech, give the brush-off, interview for a job? These and many other questions on etiquette will be answered in The Sun and Telegram's new feature, “Male Polish,” appearing for the first time in the Men's section, Saturday evening and Monday morning, Nov. 10, 12. “Male Polish” will provide readers with do's and don'ts for all types of social occasions, plus the necessary points of finesse at work and in the home.

Written by Don Goodwin, “Male Polish” is a weekly illustrated feature that shows in a photograph just how a social boner was made and then explains how it should be corrected. Other similar blunders are discussed in detail, including methods of anticipating and side-stepping them in the future. Readers will find a question box for their personal inquiries dealing with etiquette. Special consideration will be given to “Proper Dress,” “Table Manners,” “Office Etiquette.” Dating, going steady, escort manners, and business gifts are other important concerns for Sun and Telegraph readers. Smooth off the rough edges with “Male Polish,” the gateway to good manners, starting next week. – San Bernardino Sun, 1956

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