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Christmas Etiquette at Sandringham

Rules are relaxed for royal family over Christmas at Sandringham. – “After arrival of the royal guests, at 4pm, all having changed into suitable outfits for tea, the family gathers in the White Drawing Room, where the Queen will encourage the young royals to help put the finishing touches to the Christmas tree — a Norfolk spruce taken from the 1,000-acre estate. Christmas Day starts with a full English breakfast, before the annual outing to Sandringham parish church at 11am, where a crowd of up to 1,000 well-wishers are expected to gather to see the family gathered together. The sermon must never exceed 12 minutes, in case the sovereign’s eyes should glaze. Back at the big house, preparations are under way for the traditional Christmas lunch — Norfolk turkey, accompanied by a selection of cold meats and an array of side dishes on silver salvers. Over home-baked scones and Earl Grey tea, the Master of the Household will give each member a timetable and room-plan so they know where to marshal themselves and when over the weekend. This is the moment they also exchange presents — not on Christmas Day, which the Queen regards as a religious festival.” – Sources Daily Mail and Travel and

Life at Sandringham over Christmas is ideal – State etiquette is completely abolished. 

London, Nov. 8. – Like Sarah Bernhardt, Queen Alexandra possesses the secret of eternal youth, to all outward appearances, but members of her household have noticed during the last few months that she is becoming very frail. At the royal wedding recently several guests noticed that she walked with considerable difficulty, leaning heavily upon Queen Mary for support. Everyone, however, agreed that she looked wonderful and not a day over forty. Her lameness has increased and she becomes easily fatigued, so she does not intend to spend much time in town this winter. Her daughter, Queen Maude of Norway, with King Haakon and the much advertised, little Prince Olaf, who is a very spoiled little boy, will stay with Queen Alexandra at Sandringham over Christmas. 

Life there is ideal because state etiquette is completely abolished. Princess Victoria spends her time driving and riding, while Queen Alexandra is busy looking after her dairy farm, gardens and dogs. Queen Maude of Norway is her mother’s favorite daughter and keeps the family highly amused all the time. Although long waists are out of fashion, Queen Maude, who is extremely proud of her slenderness, still cultivates the wasp figure. King George and Queen Mary have not decided whether to spend Christmas at Sandringham or Windsor castle. The Queen would prefer Windsor, but the King likes to spend his holidays with his mother and sisters. – Morning Press, 1913
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