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Early 20th C. Etiquette Advice

Refreshments for Bridge Tea

I am going to have a friend to visit me for a week and wish to give a Bridge Tea in her honor. What refreshments can I serve besides sandwiches, tea and candy? Would an Ice be proper? I want to do the correct thing and will depsnd so much on your answer. —M. A.

I presume you wish to serve refreshments after the game. A fruit salad, served in grape-fruit shells, with cheese, crackers, a bit of bar-be-que in center of each; with it serve coffee. I would pass an ice or frappe during the middle of the afternoon, when one is apt to be thirsty. You could serve individual russe and hot chocolate or oyster cocktails and sardine sandwiches, with coffee.

“G.’s” Questions

When one is dining out and the host serves more than you really care for, is it a breach of etiquette to leave the plate quite well filled? I am nineteen years old and the eldest girl in the family. How should my visiting cards be engraved?—G. 

One is never compelled to eat more than is desired. It might be well to caution your host by saying, “That is quite sufficient, thank you.” Your card should be engraved simply, “Miss Brown.” To your other questions I must say I fear the reply is too late to be of benefit. I only have just so much space and only a limited number of letters can be answered each week.–Madame Merrk, Sausalito News, 1913

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