Sunday, December 17, 2017

Princess Housekeeping Etiquette

According to author, Florence Hartley, “If neatness, consistency, and good taste, preside over the wardrobe of a lady, expensive fabrics will not be needed; for with the simplest materials, harmony of color, accurate fitting to the figure, and perfect neatness, she will always appear well dressed.” But, according to news reports, Princesses of the Victorian Era were doing some sewing themselves. Expensive fabrics may have then been the order of the day, as Princess wardrobes require finer fabrics.

“Not so very many years ago, it would have been looked upon as a terrible breach of etiquette, on the Continent at least, for a Princess to be taught such useful things as cooking and dress-making. But nowadays, all that is changed, and there are not many Royal ladies, especially in Germany, who have not been thoroughly instructed in all that pertains to housekeeping down to its minutest details.” – The Marin Journal, 1899

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