Saturday, November 19, 2016

Collegiate Etiquette Class

Three common types of soup spoons — A boullion spoon, a cream soup spoon and a regular soup spoon: For Continental or American Dining, the spoon is dipped away from those dining, then brought to mouth level, and the soup sipped from the side of the spoon bowls. 

Etiquette Class to Put Silencer on Soup Spoons

No longer will it be necessary for the students of the New York University to be heard eating their soup, for Professor Arthur H. Nason has organized a class in etiquette where all such social difficulties will he straightened out. 

Professor Nason takes the stand that the knowledge of which is the proper fork, is just as necessary nowadays as is which is the proper mathematical formula, and he has offered to conduct his new class gratis for the benefit of the university students. – International News Service, New York, 1916

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