Monday, May 4, 2015

Royal Etiquette Overdone

The Duke and Duchess of Teck and family ~ They had four children: Princess Mary, Prince Adolphus, Prince Francis, and Prince Alexander. The couple became an embarrassment for the British Royal Family. Known for leading a lavish lifestyle well beyond their means, they were forced into exile in 1883. To avoid their creditors, they fled abroad to Florence. After settling their debts in October of 1884, they were able to return to White Lodge, their residence in Richmond Park. It was then that Queen Victoria took their eldest daughter, Princess Mary of Teck, under her wing.

"Foolish English in Florence" 

"I hear from Florence that the English in that city are making fools of themselves, anent to the Duke and Duchess of Teck, by insisting upon carrying out all the strictest laws of court etiquette wherever the Teckian Highnesses go. They never think of leaving before them, and there is so wondrous an amount of kissing of hands and prancing backward at evening parties where they are present, that the Florentinos, Russians, and Americans are lost in amazement. These loyal antics may afford the Princess Mary and the Duke a certain amount of amusement, but if persevered in, they will render a residence in Florence unendurable, both to them and to all who are not flunkeys."

From "The London Truth," published January 1884

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