Saturday, May 16, 2015

Etiquette and Victorian Tea Science

Making Tea Scientifically 

An English Analyst Sets Down the Rules of the Process

Professor Goodfellow, the well known English analyst, gives these rules for making "good" tea: 

1. Always use good tea. 

2. Use "two" hot, dry earthenware teapots. 

3. Use soft water which has just got to the boil. 

4. Infuse about four minutes. 

5. Pour off into the second hot, dry teapot. 

6. Avoid second brews with used tea leaves. 

The fact that tea, as served in France is so often bad, may be accounted for by the omission of some one, or perhaps all, of the above rules in its preparation. They are all necessary to make a, cup of really good tea, and if they were more often strictly adhered to tea would oftener be a delicious beverage. Even at the best "afternoon tea" rooms in England, America and France I do not believe that "two" hot, "dry" teapots are often used to make tea "fresh for each customer," or that the tea leaves thereafter are thrown away.– The Los Angeles Herald, 1899

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