Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Etiquette Perplexed the Royals

Thousands will not breathe freely until Germany's Emperor has left.

The Kaiser's Travels
 English Society Excited Over the Coming Event
Queen Victoria Confers With the Prince of Wales on Matters of Etiquette

London, July 1891 —The Prince of Wales today had a long interview with the Queen,who summoned him for the purpose of discussing and settling a number of perplexing questions of Court etiquette and precedence on account of the approaching visit of the Emperor and Empress of Germany. 

Court and military society, and nearly all other circles, are more or less stirred up by the Emperor's coming, and thousands will not breathe freely until Germany's Emperor has left. German detectives, British detectives and police of all kinds are already attending to business, for the fact that there are hot-headed Emperor hating Germans and Frenchmen in Great Britain, is not lost sight of by the authorities. — Los Angeles Herald, 1891

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