Thursday, September 15, 2016

Portuguese Royal Court Etiquette

Doña Maria Pia of Savoy ~ She was a Portuguese "Queen Consort," spouse of King Luís I of Portugal
The Best Dressed Woman In Europe

The Queen of Portugal is supposed to be the best dressed woman in Europe. The statement that she never wears a dress twice is an exaggeration. What are evidently referred to, are dresses worn on public occasions. This is in accordance with Court etiquette. 

It may not be generally known that the Queen of Portugal has all her morning dresses made in London, and a morning costume just finished for her Majesty is in blue and brown, a plain skirt in brown brocade in a floral design, the outline of the pattern being in pale blue. Over the skirt is draped a pointed tunic of brown cloth, with black draperies of the same. 

The bodice of brown cloth is shaped somewhat like an officer's shell jacket, with little gilt buttons all round the edge. Where the jacket is cut away in front, a loose vest front of pale blue silk is revealed, a sash of the same being ranged like a scarf drapery passing under the basque of the jacket behind, tied in two loops. — Cardiff Mail, May 8, 1885

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