Saturday, September 3, 2016

Etiquette Breach Grounds Princess

Queen Louise of Hesse-Kassel in centre, with her daughter Alexandra, Princess of Wales, and granddaughter Louise

The Incorrigible Princess d'Orleans

When the Queen of Denmark's youngest son, Prince Valdemar, married the Princess d'Orleans, this incorrigible young woman at once evinced her inborn desire for independence, and moved about in the castle as though she never knew that there was a Queen above her. During a hunt the Princess' horse fell, and, gathering her skirts "rather high," the intrepid girl jumped the ditch herself and took another horse. The Queen found it out. The following morning the Princess woke up to find herself a prisoner in her own bedroom. 

A message from the Queen was handed her by a sentry, informing her that by jumping the ditch in such fashion she was guilty of breach of Court etiquette, and had to consider herself a prisoner for seven days. Another time the saucy Princess drove out with the Royal children, and dismissed her driver and footman at the first inn outside the city. Somehow the horses got frightened, overturned the carriage and "spilled" the Princess and the children on the highway. They were picked up by a peasant, who brought them to the city. The Princess laughed, the children cried, and the Queen ordered the arrest of the Princess at once, and detained her in her bedroom for fourteen consecutive days.—Boston Evening Transcript, 1898

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