Monday, July 4, 2016

A Laplander Learns Etiquette

Princess Ingeborg of Denmark, was a Princess of Sweden by marriage to the Duke of Västergötland, a "long cuss" as described by the Laplander 

Laplander Creates Sensation at Swedish Royal Court
Comments on Princes and Princesses at Stockholm Leads to Lesson in Etiquette

Stockholm, Oct. 1903— The spokesman of a deputation of Laplanders received by King Oscar, came near being thrown into prison for disrespectful language. Only the King's good-natured interference saved him.

When the Royal party filed into the throne-room, where the Laplanders were waiting, their spokesman shouted plain-spoken descriptions of the Princes and Princesses as they came in. Pointing to Prince Charles, he explained: "The long cuss is Charles" and "the bag of bones walking behind, his wife, Ingeborg, who came from Denmark."

Next the Laplander proceeded to criticize the Queen in his very broad native manner, when some Court officers opened a door behind him and dragged him out. King Oscar, however, had the spokesman brought in again, assured him that he would not be harmed, and tried to impress upon him that it was not good form to say what one thinks of women. 

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