Friday, January 13, 2017

Chinese Etiquette and Hospitality

Paying New Year's Day Calls
Escorted Through Mongolian Quarters by Gallant Officers and Spend an Interesting Time Viewing the Sights

On Wednesday night, one of the merriest of parties of visitors seen in Chinatown for a long time, paid a New Year’s call on the Celestials in their own quarters. After the drill of the Rehekah degree team at I. O. O. P. Hall, the members and a number of friends were conducted through Chinatown by City Marshal George Severson and Police Officer John M. Boyes. The party were shown all places of interest by their escorts and in turn were shown hospitality by the Mongolians. 

The Chinese hosts treat their visitors to nuts and candies, and the other dainties of the New Year's season, according to the rules of Chinese etiquette. Needless to say the ladies were very much pleased with their trip through Chinatown. There were about forty in the party. — Press Democrat, 1903

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