Saturday, November 19, 2016

Opera vs Theater Etiquette

As a rule, greater elegance in dress is demanded at the opera.

There is little difference in the etiquette of the opera and the theater, except that the opera season is shorter, and for this reason is usually a fashionable diversion while it lasts, and, as a rule, greater elegance in dress is demanded. There are only a few important rules that need to be observed on ordinary occasions at the theater. Unless a box is to be occupied it is inconvenient to adopt the custom that some people have of coming in after the curtain has arisen, as this disturbs all the people in the vicinity of the late comers. 

During the performance absolute quiet must be maintained, for, although you many be enjoying yourself, the laughing and talking are annoying to those around who would undoubtedly prefer to listen to the play. – Sacramento Union, 1909

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