Saturday, November 19, 2016

British Military Etiquette Concerns

New recruits being fitted for their uniforms: WWI military etiquette did not permit officers and privates being seen together in public — even brothers taking their mum to a theater!

 Mother's Etiquette Problem

Wholesale enlistment in England is responsible for some Gilbertian situations. For instance, a woman writes to a newspaper to know what is the proper thing to do under the following curious circumstances: She has two sons in Lord Kitchener's army— one an officer, the other a private. On one occasion she wanted them to take her to a theater, but military etiquette does not permit officers and privates being seen together in public. 

Again, the brothers cannot meet their mother's guests at the dinner table for the same reason. Socially, when in mufti (civilian attire or "civies"), they rank alike, but nowadays uniforms are obligatory on all occasions. Hence the tangle. – Mariposa Gazette, 1915

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