Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bad Manners Caused Divorce

So Gigi's aunt was correct?
"Bad table manners, my dear Gigi, have broken up more households than infidelity." ~ Aunt Alicia instructing Gigi in proper dining etiquette.

Base of Divorce is Lack of Etiquette 

Mental cruelty caused by table manners, free and unrestrained, and a habit of calling names not recognized in books on etiquette, constituted the grounds on which an interlocutory decree of divorce was granted in Judge Shields' court yesterday to Mrs. Marie F. Crawshaw from John V. Crawshaw. 

Mrs. Crawshaw informed the court that her husband made various noises at table while engaged in gustatory exercises that were not exactly tolerated among the socially elect, in addition to a directness in the manner of addressing her that was not agreeable. 

Their two minor children were given to the mother, and defendant was ordered to pay $30.00 per month for their support. Crawshaw is a yardman in the employ of the Shell Oil company. The family home is in North Sacramento. — Sacramento Daily Union, 1919

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