Sunday, July 31, 2016

1890's Scotch Breakfast Etiquette

"So according to the up-to-date etiquette, in the year 1896, Scotsmen will eat their breakfast porridge while standing."
Eating Porridge

A new fashion has arisen in Scotch country houses during the last few years. All sporting men like porridge for breakfast. Now, it is not a pretty spectacle to see mustached and bearded men eat porridge and cream; so now that delectable compound is placed upon a side table behind a screen, or in a little ante-room, and when the lords of creation stroll down on a Sunday or rush down on a week day to breakfast, according to up-to-date etiquette, they eat their first breakfast course standing. 

This fashion reminds an observer of the Russian habit of eating Zakuska, or hors d'oeuvres, at a side table in the drawing-room, before descending to the dining-room. — Sacramento Daily Union, 1896

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