Monday, September 5, 2016

Etiquette: A Queen's Disadvantages

A rare photo of Queen Victoria dining with children and grandchildren.
Not Many Privileges ...

Some of the Disadvantages of Being a Queen

The Queen is not allowed a great many privileges that the humblest of her subjects can boast, says the London Tid Bits. For instance, she is denied the pleasure of handling a newspaper of any kind. She does not read a letter from any person, except from her own family, and no member of the Royal family, or household, considers it etiquette to speak to her of any piece of news in any publication.

All the information the Queen is permitted to have must first be strained through the intellect of a man whose business it is to cut out from the papers each day, what he thinks she would like to know. These scraps he fastens on a silk sheet with a gold fringe all about it and presents it to Her Majesty. This silken sheet with gold fringe is imperative for all communications to the Queen.

The deprivation of the Queen's life are illustrated by an incident which occurred not long ago. An American lady sent Her Majesty an immense collection of flowers of the United States, pressed and mounted. The Queen was delighted with the collection and kept it for three months, turning over the leaves frequently with great delight. At the end of that time, which was as long as she was allowed by etiquette to keep it, she had it sent back with a letter saying that, being Queen of Great Britain, she was not allowed to have any gifts, and that she parted with it with deep regret.San Francisco Call, 1897

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