Saturday, August 1, 2015

Etiquette for Exiting Vehicles

A test of whether she was born “in the purple...” In other words, a test to see whether she was born to the aristocracy or royalty, and used to riding in a carriage.

The Graceful Way for Women to Exit a Vehicle

The manner in which a woman leaves and enters her vehicle is advanced by some writer as a test of whether she was born “in the purple,” or at least accustomed to carriage life. 
Like tech etiquette today, automobile etiquette slowly evolved as more people could afford cars.
This authority says: “She should have one foot out and firmly set upon the carriage step before she relinquishes the sitting posture; then the body should follow easily and naturally. Nothing is more awkward than to see a woman thrust her head forth first, and then find herself forced to double herself up to accomplish the rest of the exit.

Watch one who knows how to gracefully sink her weight from one foot to the other almost without losing a perfectly perpendicular position, securing instantly a walking poise as she touches the ground, and the difference of her method and that of another who lands very nearly in a tumble on the sidewalk will be discernible.” –Los Angeles Herald, 1891

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