Monday, January 22, 2018

Etiquette Advice for Entertaining

A Perplexing Query

It is right for a girl twenty-six years of age, keeping house alone in one room, to receive visits from gentlemen? If not, is it right if she has a private sitting room? Is the sitting room of a boarding house always at the disposal of the boarders? If there is not a sitting room, what is a girl to do with gentlemen visitors? — Jane S. 

The living room of a boarding house should always be at the disposal of the people in the house, and it should be attractive, so girls should feel no qualms in asking their friends to call. You would be open to adverse criticism if you entertained In a room alone; If you have a sitting room arrange for a chaperon, then your self-respect will be maintained and your men friends will think all the more of you. 

Entertainment for Young People 

Would like to entertain a crowd of about twenty girls and boys (ages from eighteen to twenty) at an evening party, but am perplexed as to the entertainment. All of our parties seem so very much alike. Can you help me?— Jim

One of the liveliest parties I ever saw was conducted in this fashion: Each of the boys was asked to come wearing something to represent a famous man and each of the girls to dress as a famous woman. Programs and pencils were provided to write down ‘who was who’ and prizes were awarded. There was “Paul Revere” with his lantern, "Washington" and his cherry tree, “Betsy Ross” and her flag, “Francis Willard,” wearing a little white ribbon, etc... Try It. – Madame Merrk, Sausalito News, 1913

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