Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Men’s Hat Etiquette

For the lazy gent who cannot be bothered to tip his hat with his hand... Unbelievably, one 19th century gentleman felt the drudgery of hat tipping so taxing, he came up with a truly lazy gentleman's "saluting device" in 1895. It was patented in 1896. “This invention relates to a novel device for automatically effecting polite salutations by the elevation and rotation of the hat on the head of the saluting party when said person bows to the person or persons saluted, the actuation of the hat being produced by mechanism therein and without the use of the hands in any manner.”

Tipping the hat is a rare thing among men when there are no women around. A few fine old fellows cherish the habit of tipping to each other and to strangers when introduced, but ordinarily the hand never touches the brim. In business offices there is no sort of etiquette. Men in the sweep and rush of business have no time to give thought to hats. But certain decencies should prevail. On entering a private office look at the head of the occupant. If he has his hat on, keep yours on; If his hat is off, remove yours. The removal of your hat is a compliment and a courtesy and does not indicate that you are inferior or subservient.— New York Press, 1903

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