Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Women, Tobacco and Etiquette

Dude! Where's your dudeen? — It is part of the etiquette of the "road." 

The woman smoker, far from being a result of a decadent civilization, is merely a survival of a rougher and harder life. Even today, the women who live the hardest lives compatible with twentieth century civilization smoke incessantly. Go into any tramps' lodging house and you will find not only old and young women, but bits of girls scarcely in their teens puffing contentedly, not at cigarettes, but clay pipes charged with black twist tobacco. It is part of the etiquette of the "road" for the men after they have vigorously puffed at their "dudeens" to hand them to the woman tramps who have no supply. — London Chronicle, 1910

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