Saturday, October 1, 2016

Etiquette for George V

Yards of ermine. ~ George V's Coronation portrait.

King George's Coronation Will Enrich the Ermine Trust

By W. B. Northrup

Most Gorgeous Coronation England Ever Saw
Calls for Distinctions Between Strawberry Leaves, Silver Balls, Jewels, Furs and Geegaws Which Lost Their Actual Meanings Generations Ago

London, Sept. 1910— Though King George's coronation will not take place till next June, active preparations, and even rehearsals for the great event are now well under way. Members of the English nobility are already making purchases of ermine and other necessary materials to be used during the elaborate and costly ceremonies. A significant fact in this connection is the present "'corner" in the ermine market; the price of this fur having gone up 50 per cent during the last month.

Ermine skins are now nearly $5 each instead $2.50, the price prevailing a few months ago. Crimson velvet, silk, and other materials necessary for the great state function are also rapidly advancing in price and court dress makers are rushing their orders so as to get them in before the further rise in price anticipated in the very near future. 

Several large firms of court jewelers have already received orders for fitting up crowns and coronets in conformity with the somewhat rigid requirements of English Court etiquette. 

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