Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Etiquette for Infanta Eulalia

New York society women now brushing up!
"Dorothy Q" fills her readers in on the efforts of the Gilded Age society women to brush up on rigid Spanish etiquette for an Infanta's visit.

The Spanish Royal's Visit was Supposed to be Incognito 

The ball that the society women of New York are contemplating giving in honor of the Infanta Eulalia, is just now under animated discussion. The etiquette that "doth hedge" a royal representative of Spain, is appallingly rigid, and as no one in the exclusive set of New York wishes to commit a breach of propriety, more studying is being done of pedigree and Court etiquette than ever before in the world of form and convention. 

As the Infanta is supposed to travel incognito, she could not accept the cordial invitation of Mrs. Hearst, who offered her mansion at Washington for the Infanta's use while there, and also extended to the Infanta the freedom of the yacht, "Vamoose." If the coterie of ladies who inspired the idea of giving this entertainment for the Infanta can carry out their plans, the ball will be a notable social event of Wednesday, May 17. —Dorothy Q., New York, May 8, 1893

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