Thursday, September 1, 2016

Etiquette and Royal Bloomers

Queen Victoria would have probably been as shocked at having her luggage gone through, bloomers and all, by foreign customs agents, as her daughter in-law was in 1904. Most likely, even more shocking to Queen Victoria, would be to hear that her old bloomers sold at auction for nearly £10,000 in July of 2015

Kissing the Queen's Hand?

An incident of the Queen's journey to the south deserves to be recorded. At Toulon, Admiral Gervais was so carried away by his feelings that, in violation of all royal etiquette, he kissed her Majesty's hand and kissed it with fervor, an act which was taken in very good part by our kind-hearted sovereign.— Pall Mall Gazette, 1895

Searching the Queen's Baggage?

The Queen of England has had an experience with the foreign custom-houses for the first time in her life, and it is said that she did not enjoy it. It was while she was returning to England from Denmark, and her thirty trunks were thought to belong to some one else in Belgium and thoroughly searched. This, of course, was a grave breach of etiquette, and some one must have suffered besides the Queen.—New York Tribune, 1904

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