Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Etiquette and Dining vs Gobbling

There is a big difference between eating and dining. Eating ones food quickly, or gobbling ones food, causes much to be lost, not only in health, but in good manners and the companionship at the table. Dining is a way of leisurely savoring ones food, and enjoying ones company.

To eat fast is one of the bad habits of American people which we ought to avoid. If acquired in childhood, it will be hard to overcome, and will cause us much mortification when, later in life, we find ourselves with empty plates long before well-bred people in the company have finished theirs. 

Since we do not leave the table before others, there is nothing gained, even in time, while much is lost in health and in good manners. – From Edith E. Wiggin's 1884, “Lessons on Manners / For School and Home Use.”

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