Saturday, August 27, 2016

1905 Etiquette Decisions in Prussia

The Prussian government authorized the rigid prohibition of  the wearing of corsets during daily gymnastic exercises.

Prussian Etiquette Rulings

Government Rules That Station Master Should Salute Women Subordinates First

Associated Press, BERLIN, Oct. 21.— Among the odd decisions published today is that of the Prussian railway administration on a point of etiquette advanced by a station master on the Lower Rhine, who asked for a ruling as to whether the young women subordinates in his office should not recognize him first on the street instead of waiting to be saluted according to the prevailing customs. The government directed the station master to salute first. 

On another note, the principal of the girls' high school at Saarbruecken inquired of the provincial government, if she was authorized to forbid the young women to wear corsets during gymnastic exercises. The government authorized their rigid prohibition.–1905

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