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Edward Annoyed by Vest Etiquette

Caricature of Sidney Greville, the Earl of Warwick's brother and  groom-in-waiting to the King.
King Annoyed by Guest's White Vest 

Britain's Ruler Resents Faux Pas 


Sidney Greville Commits Breach of Etiquette at Dinner — His Majesty Later Graciously Forgives 

LONDON, Feb. 11.— Sidney Grevllle, the Earl of Warwick's brother and groom-in-waiting to the King, is the latest victim of His Majesty's etiquette craze.

Dining the other evening to meet the King, Mr. Greville wore a white waistcoat — an unpardonable faux pas, seeing that the Court is in mourning. The King flung sarcastic remarks at Greville throughout the dinner and was quite angry ,when other guests, including Mrs. Keppel, Lady Essex and Lord Revelstoke, tried to treat the affair in a bantering spirit.

Afterward, when playing bridge, his Majesty sat with his back to Mr. Grevllle to avoid continued sight of the provocative garment.

But the King never harbors resentment, and three days later commanded a dinner party at Grevllle's rooms in St. James' Palace with the same guests. He was most gracious to his host and referred to the waiscoat incident laughingly.
Special Cable to The Herald, 1905

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