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Etiquette and Stage Actors

Richard Mansfield, (born May 24, 1854, Berlin, Prussia—died August 30, 1907 in New London, Connecticut, U.S., Mansfield was one of the last of the great romantic actors in the United States.
Stage Managers and Stage Hands Organize to Teach Manners to Richard Mansfield... "and he needs 'em"
The Stage Managers and Stage Hands of America have organized to suppress Richard Mansfield. Thomas Madigan, an opera house employee, is the founder of the organization.
"For sixteen years we have swallowed that fellow's insults," said Stage Manager Richardson today. "We do not propose to tolerate his abuse any longer. We must teach him the rudiments of decorum, politeness, etiquette, ordinary manners and common decency."Special to The Herald, Cleveland Ohio, 1907
Theatre Etiquette is not just for the audience!
A Bit of Theatre Etiquette for Actors 
"Never, ever, ever, ever ‘direct’ your fellow cast members. This offends them and is unprofessional. 
Notes are given by the Director and Stage manager only. If someone does offer you notes, say “Thank you but we should take that through the director.” Imagine how confusing it would be to get conflicting directions and suggestions from several different people. All changes to the production must go through the director. 
Never talk when the director is talking! Do respond and follow directions Quickly to help create a professional atmosphere." –From

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