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Etiquette Classes at Kansas College, 1911

To be a veritable Chesterfield at table,"Don't eat pie so ravenously that it will get in your ears!" 

At the Kansas Agricultural College— by means of formal and informal lunch and dinner parties under an instructor's supervision—the whole senior class will study how to eat according to the laws of etiquette. 
"Practical Cookery and The Etiquette and Service of the Table, Manhattan Department of Printing, Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science" ~ The book went through many revisions over the years, and at first was mainly recipes and instructions. This revised copy is from 1941
A rather pleasant study, by the way, if the college cooks will do their best. Already have these seniors made out a list of nine "dont's" for their own use and that of younger students, which assures one of their firm determination to be veritable Chesterfields at table. 


  • Don't balance peas on your knife. 
  • Don't eat potatoes with a spoon. 
  • Don't eat pie so ravenously that it will get in your ears. 
  • Don't tie your napkin around your neck as if you were getting a shave. 
  • Don't dip your soup into your vest pocket.
  • Don't make the extraction of soup from a spoon sound like escaping steam.
  • Don't leave your spoon in your coffee and run the risk of knocking your eye out.
  • Don't butter your bread with your thumb.

Hereafter, when anyone scoffingly inquires, "What's the matter with Kansas?" the question can have no possible reference to her table manners. 

—From the Pacific Rural Press, March 1911

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